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What your Blood Type Says About You | Buddha Pants®

Basically, when it comes to your blood type and how it may shape your diet, exercise, moods etc., we are looking at the place where the science of genetics and medical history, meet anthropology and evolution. Each blood type (O, A, B, and AB) is derived from a different time in human evolution and as a result affects how different people react to different foods and disease. By learning how your type informs your physical, mental, and emotional states, you can make better lifestyle choices to achieve optimal health and well-being.

Blood Type O

O is for old! Humans began as hunters and gatherers, chasing herds of wild animals, and supplementing with what we could find in plants. Type O’s are typically wired to be highly reactive- they are tuned into their fight-or-flight response as a survival mechanism- both physically and emotionally. They do best with high energy endurance exercise like running and are built to use animal protein effectively. They are also extremely sensitive to gluten!

 Blood Type A

A is for agriculture! Type A’s came about as O types began to slow down on hunting and begin farming about 15,000 years ago, at which point our diets changed dramatically ( from meat based to plant and dairy ) and thus so did our cellular chemistry. As a result type A’s generally fare better on vegetarian diets, and are better suited for lower impact exercise like walking, and biking. They tend to be pretty even keel on the emotional scale and are fixers and problem solvers.

 Blood Type B

B is for balance ! Nomadic people emerged later searching for shelter from climate change and space to build closer knit communities. They consumed a diet that consisted of both meat and plant foods and so B blood types need the flexibility and balance in their diets today to feel at their best. They are able to consume and tolerate dairy products better then both A and O types.  B types thrive on activities such as yoga and stress reduction and tend to be optimistic and fine with going at their own pace.

 Blood Type AB

 AB is for abstract! Type AB’s emerged within the last thousand years or so. They tolerate a combination of foods in moderation and are still quite rare though it is predicted that just like type O’s were in abundance in the beginning, AB is the blood type of the future. AB’s tend to be mysterious in nature and highly sensitive. As far as exercise goes, AB’s do best combining stress reducing activities such as yoga with strengthening such as weight lifting.