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Steph Gongora | Buddha Pants®

Steph GongoraYoga, Handstands + Aerial Happiness.

Steph is passionate about the self-expression and release found in authentic movement, both on and off the mat. By building foundations of alignment and teaching body awareness through calculated movements, she empowers her students to liberate their practice through creative transitions, unusual postures, and the freedom to choose, all in a supportive and community centered space. A former gymnastic, dancer, and amateur aerialist, Steph has always been drawn to improvisational movement as an emotional and spiritual outlet, with all the physical benefits of an intense fitness class. She is a happily married dog lover, with plans to move to Costa Rica in the fall of 2016 to open a yoga and functional medicine eco-retreat. Steph has studied with international yoga teacher Meghan Currie, and is currently engaged in a 500 HR training with the inspiring Christina Sell and Gioconda Parker. Combining a firm foundation in alignment with a whimsical style focused on fluidity, Steph aims to make every class nurturing and challenging, cultivating the knowledge and courage necessary for authentic movement.