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Liz Thomas | Buddha Pants®

 Finding happiness in the little things and adventurous things

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Liz Thomas is a little Oklahoma girl who discovered slacklining and rock climbing in Colorado when she moved there for college. Now for the last 5 years she has been addicted! More recently Liz has expanded her hobbies to include acroyoga, aerial yoga, hand balancing, aerial silks, lyra, trapeze, poi, and hooping. We would say her biggest passion is slacklining. She longlines, highlines, rodeolines and especially YogaSlacklines. Where does she do this you may ask? Over valleys, rivers, baseball fields, canyons, waterfalls, soft supple green grass in a park, and people (only occasionally). 

Liz Thomas commenting on slacklining:

 "I find it fun, exhilarating, humbling, and challenging, and what I love most of all is sharing my passion with others. It is a great way to access acute balancing muscles that most people don't use on a daily basis. Slacklining builds confidence, pushes boundaries, increases physical fitness and is just plain fun!"  

So please pester her on social media, she loves to teach and is currently based out of San Diego. She is most commonly found at Aerial Revolution.