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Jenny Bindrum is a 200RYT deeply devoted to the study of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, with a penchant for yin and Universal yoga. Yoga found her after recovering from a broken arm and swiftly progressed from hobby to lifestyle. A longtime bartender caught up in a fast, increasingly unhealthy lifestyle found ease, solace, and grace in yoga. The confidence she found in yoga encouraged her to pursue graduate school, and eventually led her to teacher training. Years after her first class, she now humbly practices six days a week each morning before work, and shares the practice of yoga in the evenings and on weekends. Each day finds her anew, alive with opportunity. Forever a student, she is inspired by the inner fire that resides within each one of us, and how the practice of yoga can fan even the most dull, withering flames into the brightest light. The practice doesn't make anything of you that you were not already; it unravels and uncoils from within you a most profound strength and grace. Life's circumstances can weigh on the body and the mind, but with devotion and perseverance, you can shed those heavy layers of self-doubt and find yourself flexible of both mind and body. Don't be lazy. Get out your head, get into your breath, and keep moving.