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Abigail Larson | Buddha Pants®

 Abby is a twenty-something adventurer, currently residing in Chicago. Having lived in two countries and multiple states, she is a self-professed nomad at heart. Abby enjoys life at a breakneck pace and is constantly in pursuit of a richer, and more meaningful life-story. When she isn't working in administration at The University of Chicago Medicine, you can find her on her yoga mat, running along Lake Michigan, enjoying a cup of coffee or a cocktail with friends, snuggling with her cats, writing, seeking out live music, or hoping on a plane, train, or automobile in search of new places or familiar faces. Abby bought her first pair of Buddha pants at Wanderlust Chicago last year and fell in love with them, not only for their coziness and style, but for what the brand itself stands for. You can hear more from Abby on her Instagram @arlarson90 or her personal blog https://swedeandsalty.wordpress.com