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Renae Dambly is a 19 year old girl from Denver, CO. She currently lives in Durango, CO as a full-time student, studying exercise science, and a part-time gymnastics coach. Renae competes in bouldering and speed climbing for her college’s rock climbing team, and is a member of the Fort Lewis women’s rugby team. Although she is very active with her school’s sports, Renae’s number one passion is parkour.

Renae is a professional parkour athlete. She has been training since she was 14yrs old and has been coaching parkour since she was 16yrs old. Renae has done several performances with Apex Movement and recently competed on the television show Battlefrog League Championships on ESPN. In 2015 she was the top female competitor at the Apex Movement Invitational in Boulder, CO and took second place in the women’s speed and style divisions at the North American Parkour Championships in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Renae strives to improve herself and to help and to inspire others around her whether they practice parkour or not.

“I believe there is something in all of us, a passion, that we have that can lead us to discovering ourselves. For me that is parkour” – Renae Dambly



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