RV Life - Buddha's en route!

RV Life - Buddha's en route! | Buddha Pants®

 By: Sammi Benowitz


Buddha pants RV life

Have you ever wanted to jump in an RV and explore the roads less traveled? You’ve given it a thought at some point, and registered the pros and cons of living this on the go lifestyle. It’s not for everyone, but for those who enjoy being a nomad it is the ultimate reality. To be able to pick up your home and drive off into the sunset towards your next destination is pure freedom. So much to see, why fly through when you’re missing the best part? Living in such a vast country we have this opportunity to explore different geographical lands, while experiencing each states unique personality traits. I have talked to many people, young and elderly about this topic and the outcome was very interesting to say the least. The RV life seems to resonate with the older generation, as they have admitted this being the best decision they have made after retirement. With little to worry about, except feeding the dog and reading the newspaper, life in an RV is comfortable, easy and affordable (depending on how much you like to travel). The younger generation is starting to notice this movement and realize it is an ideal way to travel while adventuring on the way! Although, many are still skeptical due to societies pressure of having a nice home, car, and prestigious job. Understandably, people become comfortable and want to be in one place they can call “home”. Non- the less- it is home to many, including the Buddha Pants team, Rachel Raab and Richard Bassett.

As Buddha Pants have taken off in the past year, so has this couple when it comes to traveling! Hard working and dedicated, Rachel is constantly seeking new events, festivals and other vending opportunities to share and spread the Buddha pant amongst its fans. It has become the favorite pant of many within the yoga community, festival lovers, traveling gypsies, and just the all-around comfortable lifestyle. Living out of her RV has created a gateway of possibilities to travel as necessary, open a warehouse to work out of, and not to mention constant advertising of the Buddha Pants logo on her home! People love to see the Buddha mobile driving around; it’s definitely a riot. The dynamic Buddha duo have the right idea, purchase an RV and create a business worth showing across country. Who knows where else it will take you!

If you are seeking to challenge yourself, and see what the road less traveled has to offer, you will immediately notice it is actually NOT the road less traveled. Many are already living their dream, driving along route 66 in route to their next beautiful location. Having a purpose, such as a business along the way is very valuable and a great way to create a substantial living. Whatever your intentions may be, the RV life has many perks and can quite possibly be the best investment you’ve ever made.

Next time you see the Buddha Pants RV, make sure to wave! They might just take you for a ride :)


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