Rain, Yoga, Wanderlust Fest in PDX

Rain, Yoga, Wanderlust Fest in PDX | Buddha Pants®

By: Barbra Alfonzo

Photography: Brian Lester

Wow! Did the people of Portland come to party!

Portland Wanderlust 108 was the first Wanderlust experience I had where it rained.  The rain wasn’t heavy, it was light, and consistent. That sure didn’t damper the spirits of the Portlandians! I was so impressed to see everyone doing the 5k, doing yoga, and meditating in the rain! They were much braver souls than I, whom seeked shelter in the Buddha Pants tent wearing a pair of leggings under my Buddha Pants. Which is nothing compared to the five layers I had on top: tank top, shirt, yoga jacket, pleather jacket, and a rain coat! Yeah, hats off to you Portland! Unlike this girl you definitely don’t let a little water slow you down. I was already impressed with your spirit, and I was most impressed when McYogi asked everyone if they were ready to do some yoga… and everyone wanted to keep dancing in the rain! Heavens yes!

And a big ups to McYogi for representing all of the mothers. He really unified the group in a very strong intention for the reason that we’re all here… Thanks to all of our mothers! Although I didn’t get to see my mami today, I was able to honor her with a strongly supported group intention. Thank you for that Wanderlust!


MC Yogi 

 Wanderlust Festival

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