Buddha Pants Team Takes Over NYC!

Buddha Pants Team Takes Over NYC! | Buddha Pants®
Eight Buddha Pants team members are sent out on a mission to take over NYC. Four days, two main events, ready to get this dance party started! Flowing with excitement to be surrounded by the warmth of friends, and welcome new Buddha members into the family! Yoga Journal and Green Festival are the main priorities while we are here showcasing the one and only Buddha Pants. Challenging style, we enjoy people expanding their “fashion sense”, kicking out the suits and introducing a new sense of comfortable business. Being a unisex brand, Buddha’s encourage everyone to try on a pair! Be prepared to fall in love.

Yoga Journal LIVE > > NYC! 

Buddha Pants hits up Yoga Journal Live NYC this year to bring our comfortable, relaxed look into the big city. Filled with hustle and bustle, even the yogis are constantly on the grind in between their professional gigs and teaching yoga on the side. We love introducing these pants to new eyes, there faces fill with excitement, as they see us in person all the way from the sunshine state- Florida! Yoga Journal LIVE features classes’ open to the community, bringing some of the best yoga instructors from all over the country. Whether your preference is to just relax and enjoy some acoustic music, get skilled on a demo SUP paddle boarding class or learn how to fly in acro yoga, there are plenty of great sessions to choose from throughout the day. The marketplace is where we thrive. Home to many vendors- this is where companies showcase their newest apparel, jewelry, nutrition & natural health products. Filled with gratitude, Buddha Pants is happy to be apart of this everlasting support from Yoga Journal LIVE and our wonderful fans! 

Green Festival >> NYC 

Green Festival brings together the conscious mainstream consumers into one marketplace to seek out large and small companies, which promote sustainability and eco-friendly “green” living. Buddha Pants strives to diverge into different conscious events, such as this, enlivening others with some awesome pants in their life! Those who are unaware, our pants are actually made from organic cotton and plant-based dyes. We find great comfort and pleasure knowing there is no harmful environmental effect during the making process. Clientele was certainly interested in this unique style, as some took little convincing and just an honest smile! Once the team came, strutting their stuff in Buddha Pants, people were all over them! Consumers are similar to herds… following what they believe is “liked” or “cool”. Lets be the leaders we so naturally are! Thanks for the experience and consciousness on the rise Green Fest; every impact helps!

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