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Three Steps to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs | Self Care

Simply put, limiting beliefs refer to a false belief one might allow themselves to belief in a difficult or vulnerable situation. This false belief is acquired by the individual and as a result, making an incorrect assumption about something in life.   One example being that a person fails at one part of a task, and then starts to make the assumption that they are going to fail at the entire task as a whole. As one could acknowledge, this might be true, but there is no firm evidence to back up this assumption. This person could now begin to harbor beliefs telling them that they are a failure, a loser, that they will never succeed in life, etc. All of these thoughts are thoughts that define the concept of a limiting belief. 

So how do we stop the nonsense and talk kindly to oneself?

Here are 3 self care steps to stopping the downward spiral effects of limiting beliefs. 

1.) Write the limiting belief down 

Write the limiting belief down. Sometimes it is hard to know what is truly going on until you see it written down on paper. Follow your thoughts and emotions to discover the limiting belief that is holding you back. 

2.) Acknowledge that there is no truth behind the limiting beliefs

We start to belief that these limiting beliefs are reality. This is not the case, and in fact, this is where choice comes in to play. It is your time to choose the life that you desire and the thoughts that make up the life you are living.

3.) Try a different belief system

The more repetition, the more that the habit will actually stick. The key with change, is really stepping into the change. Choosing to step into it with your whole being and believing the truths, not the limiting beliefs.

One example of thought shifting could include…

“Now that I have experienced what it is like to be in an unhealthy relationship, I now know what to look for in a fulfilling partner.”

Limiting beliefs prevent us from achieving our highest vibration, allowing us to feel and be our best. Changing the way we think about ourselves and other people will create more space for us to fulfill the life that we truly desire!