5 awesome things to do with your kid wearing Buddha Pants® !

5 awesome things to do with your kid wearing Buddha Pants® ! | Buddha Pants®

Being a parent is a lot of work! I see you! Giving it everything you've got! And I'm here to tell you, you're doing great! I'm guessing you probably already do at least a couple of the things on this list, but maybe a fresh outlook will renew your souls mission in these moments. If these things sound new to you, or you're a parent-to-be, here are 5 seriously awesome everyday
things to do with your little ones!
1. Gardening
Put your hands and feet in the dirt! Bare! What could be more fun? Getting dirty is nature's body paint and kids (usually) love it! Playing in the garden you can teach your kid about depth, moisture, sunlight, shade, seasons, and patience. Just to name a few. The garden is a wonderland for your child and you, health, wellness, and deep connection to life are awaiting. If you don't have a garden of your own, seek out a community garden! They're everywhere. Or start one.
2. Build a Fort
Some chairs, pillows, blankets, sheets, and definitely snacks. It's an like an art installation in your living room! See how creative you can get! Maybe you can even make multiple rooms if you have enough sheets. You can lounge around and pretend you, your kid, and their toys are in a cave, or another country, or on another planet, or in a spaceship! Imagination and improv are what it's all about. Stimulate creativity by getting way out of reality! It might be a nice relief for you too.
3. Cook a Meal
Teach yourself, and your kid about vegetables, fruits, proteins, and grains! Explain how you take the veggies apart, sometimes you peel the skin for a specific reason, sometimes you remove the seeds. Why? Tell them before they ask you! Teach them about color and artistry in food, and maybe wake up a whole new experience for yourself. Food is magical! You can even explain to your child the mood you are in while you cook, sometimes affects the taste!
When you cook with love the flavor comes out amazing!
4. Take a Walk
It's exercise, and it's a change of scenery that's not a TV screen. Getting out in nature is essential to your little babe's development! When you take a walk, you get the opportunity to engage your senses in a more spacious environment, which allows your sense to expand!
Spending time in the backyard and the house is great, but eventually our minds and bodies crave adventure. A little walk can be the perfect thing. Talk about the trees and the color of the flowers. Ask you little one what they see. Ask them what they smell. Ask them what they hear. Even if they aren't talking yet you can ask and answer for yourself. Always engage them! You attention and even the simplest knowledge is what makes their sweet hearts happy.
5. Play Their Favorite Game
You've seen it a million times. That toy, or that game, or that imaginary friend. When you play along, you bond! It helps build their confidence as your kid gets to see that what they like is accepted by someone they look up to! Just like when you build friendships, you take time to learn about and listen to what they're interested in. When you make the effort to get to know your kid, even when you think you know it all, it means something to them. It helps you
understand one another, it helps them see things they like about you, and learn new ways to play that they hadn't considered yet.

Kids are our future! The more you invest goodness, love and light into yours, the more beauty you contribute to this world, and man do we need it!
Hope you feel ignited by these tips and ready to take on the mission of being AWESOME with your kiddos. 

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