4 Tips for a Relaxing & Rejuvenating Camping Experience

4 Tips for a Relaxing & Rejuvenating Camping Experience | Buddha Pants®

There are few things more restorative than spending time in nature. The fresh air, – all the earth’s natural beauty create a harmonious blend you won’t find sitting on your couch or stuck behind a screen.

For these reasons, camping can be the ultimate restorative escape. But if you’re not careful, a camping trip can become a stressful survival exercise rather than a freeing pathway to achieving balance.

Here are four tips to ensure your camping plans allow you to enjoy the outdoor escape rather than leaving you ready to escape the outdoors:

  1. Find the packing sweet-spot. Oftentimes, travelers feel the urge to bring their whole lives with them on the road. This can be especially problematic for campers as an overabundance of “stuff” can wind up taking away from the focus on the beauty of the surroundings. That said, bringing too little can make it prohibitively difficult to comfortably meet basic needs or worse, stay safe. Pack light, but don’t try to be Bear Grylls.

  2. Take a trial run. Before heading off into the wild, be sure to put your equipment and proposed packing list to the test. Set up your tent, air out your sleeping bags, and give your fire-building skills a quick assessment before the success of your entire camping trip relies on it.

  3. Plan a successful entrance and exit. The worst way to start or end a camping trip is in a race against the sun to set up or break down camp. To the best of your ability, plan your campsite arrival time around daylight hours, dry conditions, and comfortable temperatures to avoid a stressful start to your getaway. Of course, Mother Nature can be a supportive friend or a cruel mistress in these efforts – when it comes to weather, plan for the best, but always prepare for the worst.

  4. Cherish the simplicity. Once camp is made and supplies are protected from the elements, it’s time to let nature work her magic. Keep distractions stowed away and take advantage of your environment. Go for a hike, find an inspiring spot to roll out your yoga mat, find a quiet spot to meditate, curl up with a notebook or sketchpad to reflect – follow your whims and the call of the serene.

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Camping, with the proper planning and outlook, can be the perfect way reset and re-center!

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