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Baby Buddha’s ~ Yoga Like a Kid | Buddha Pants®


The innocence that a child’s essence breathes is like no other. Their no- fear, energetic attitude gives them many advantages, which unlike many adults, creates for a better yoga practice. We (as grown-ups) are constantly trying to find our inner-child, to develop a sense of freedom that does not have limitations. When a child is playing, talking, or simply being you can see their purity. Doing yoga as a child increases their patience, helping them to really become masterful of mind and body presence. Stretching also is an important aspect, as their growth depends on it! Buddha Pant’s Company loves to see kids getting involved and doing yoga alongside their parent! That is why we came out with the Baby Buddha’s; an adorable pant that is not only activewear, but also match-able to their mom, dad or both! Many cannot get enough of this sweet idea, and luckily they don’t have to, because we have them in four children’s sizes. We truly hope to see more children on the yoga mat, as our future generations are what matters <3