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After enjoying the summers lax and easy going vibe (for most), going back to school can create some cramped days as far as making time for your own personal agenda. What I’ve come to realize, with my own day to day experiences, is that we can complete more and be organized efficiently when we write down our appointments, events, or even things we set goals for (long term and short term). My mother gave me a journal when I was younger because I enjoyed the feeling of having an agenda (at 7 years old)- when the only thing I wrote down was what I wanted for lunch, and which friend was coming over to play. Since then, I have carried around a journal to help remind me of anything from friend’s birthdays to ideas of an upcoming project. Best of all, it has also helped me greatly improve my writing capabilities!

I highly recommend this technique, a true-lifesaver; with so many distractions on the daily… writing things down is a necessity!