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Healthy Habits before the Holidays | Buddha Pants®


Some of the most delicious holidays are right around the corner and my mouth is already salivating just from the thought of what’s to come! A common concern during this time of the year is keeping up healthy eating habits. With so many different varieties of food- from Halloween treats, thanksgiving meats, and Christmas feasts, we should be mindful of what we put into our bodies. Halloween isn’t just about gorging on candy and sweet treats. Squash is in season and pumpkin is at the forefront of healthy foods this week! Pumpkin pie is a favorite, easy to make and has many health benefits, as it is an antioxidant. Thanksgiving and Christmas are notorious for “over-stuffing” yourself as you are surrounded by family and friends with grandma serving everything from stuffing to turkey breast. Taking small portions is good option as well as coming prepared with your own organic dish. That way you are not only adding to the abundance, but also indulging (guilt-free) in your own cooked meal. Any other routines, such as exercise, is certainly a plus. While family is in town, see if they are interested in a nice cruise on the bicycles. Adding to the joyous holiday memories while getting some physical movement will be a win- win!