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These days, we’re facing unprecedented levels of change, uncertainty, and chaos. 

In addition to all these outward changes, we’re also being called on to transform internally. We are undergoing huge consciousness shifts, and many of us are feeling the call to evolve, and to embrace a new way of being. To combat the constant overwhelm, we need to protect ourselves anyway we can.  As everyone is different, what works for one will not always work for another. The best form of protection for any person is to create a strong, healthy body and a still mind.  Below are various techniques to try to achieve this:

Creativity: In a world of rules and routine, we seldom get time to be creative but this is one of the easiest ways to revel in the feel-good-factor. When we create, from our passions or interests, it has an uplifting effect on our psyche and because we’re engaging in something we love it keeps our minds away from dark thoughts and feelings.

Yoga/ Meditation: The very core of yoga is built on our breath. We breathe our way in and out of postures and for this reason yoga can be classed as a moving meditation. It stills and calms an overworked mind (which is why many will say it’s not for them because they fear the stillness) and creates a strong supple body.

Diet: Your eating habits can either help tether you to the earth plane or they can destabilize and unground you. Not eating enough and not eating regularly.  Eating three good meals daily and at regular intervals is more grounding than eating small snacks here and there because it sends your energy out of your head and into your digestive system on a regular basis.  If you miss meals regularly or if you fast, it isn’t good for the lower chakras – or put in a non-jargon way, it’s bad for you as a human being who is trying to stay tethered to the Earth plane.  Regular eating connects us to the earth.

As you journey forward, be gentle with yourself, take baby steps, and keep asking for and receiving help. We’re all in the same soup pot, and it makes the journey a lot more savory to huddle around the campfire in good company. I’ll save you a spot.

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