Avoiding Dis-Ease, Inviting more Ease!

Avoiding Dis-Ease, Inviting more Ease! | Buddha Pants®

I got to the conclusion, after doing my research, that most cases of people going into hospitals come from psychosomatic dis-eases, the absence of ease, of peace, of bliss.

So how can we feel more sunny, more balanced, and live a more joyous life? 

* Start with Gratitude

Being grateful can result in living more enthusiastically, feeling better about your life, and more willingness to help others.

Being grateful may even reduce coronary artery disease, Reduce stress and bring lots of smiles to your face. 

So, take the time to write down what you're grateful each and every day.

Start simple, but be consistent.

* Have a plan B…. and C too ;)

When things don’t go our way we tend to feel disappointed as if it’s the end of the world but honestly it’s simply something that went in an opposite direction not a catastrophe “We are still alive”.

So if a door closes, keep on grabbing handles, I am pretty sure you’ll find your most suitable door to open and a path to walk.

Balance work and life 

Too much work can leave you drained and imbalanced

Not working enough can leave you frustrated and inactive

So finding balance is Key.

Ideally find a job that doesn’t feel like a job, but that you are passionate about, and if that is not an easy thing to accomplish, at least at that particular moment, then have a daily job that brings you some income, and balance it with a hobby you love!

Side note: Commute less, see if you can work a few days from home, Remotely

Spend more time in nature

Whether it’s strolling the beach, walking at the park, hiking through the forest, or simply sitting under a palm tree, spending time in nature improves every aspect of our health

It has even been scientifically proven to benefit our brain chemistry. There’s something about nature that positively impacts our physiology. It’s been proven people who live in urban environments have higher levels of anxiety and depression than those who live in suburban areas. Nature is good for our overall mental health.

Simple changes, Simple tips to add and live a more balanced happy and joyous life!

Carpe-diem… Enjoy this moment!


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