Best Bedtime Routine For Better Sleep

Best Bedtime Routine For Better Sleep

     Getting a restful night of sleep is essential for our mental, physical, and spiritual health. Sometimes the challenges we face with sleep is a result of what we are doing before we shut our eyes. Here is the best bedtime routine for better sleep. 

     1.) Preparing your space for rest. Preparing your room for deep relaxation by using essential oils, incense, and all organic room sprays that calm the mind and body is a great way to center your nervous system before falling asleep. If we rush to bed, we are going to have a much harder time falling and staying asleep. Find your favorite scent, dim the lights, light a candle, and breathe!

     2.) Put the phone away! Our brains are heavily stimulated when we stare at a computer or phone screen. To avoid over stimulation, try putting your phone in a different room at least an hour before bed, and try reading a book instead! Better for the mind, and the eyes!

     3.) Breath work and meditation is so healing in prepping the mind and body for rest and relaxation. Try inhaling for the count of four, holding for four, and exhaling for four. Repeating this exercise at least four times in total. Offer a short prayer or meditation, taking some time for refection and gratitude for your health, your warm bed, and the roof over your head offering safety and protection. Going to sleep with a grateful heart, will allow you to wake up with gratitude on the mind. 

     Setting a routine before bed does not have to be complicated, but yet the effects are life changing. For even better sleep, always be sure to wear comfy clothes. Check out the Lotus O.G. Harem Pants.

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