5 Secrets To Get Your Dream Job

5 Secrets To Get Your Dream Job | Buddha Pants®

Getting your dream job isn't always easy, but it is always worth it! Truth be told, there have been times when I've felt discouraged along the way. So, I'm here to tell you a few secrets that have helped me stay on track to scoring the jobs I dream of!

1. Learn Everything You Can About It.

Get your Google on! Learn the details that the job entails. You might find that some little things aren't actually what you're dreaming of, which will help you stay the course when you get your job. No illusions here! If it's a company you're aiming for, learn their mission statement and ethics, knowing the heart of the business is a plus. If it's not, come up with your own mission and let that be a little fire that keeps you going forward. If it is necessary, sign up for courses that give you (or refine) the skills you need for your job. Be qualified!

2. Find Out Who You Need to Know                                                               

Sometimes your success is related to who you know. Find out if there is a person in charge of a project like your dream job, try to work under them and let them know you admire their skill set. Don't be creepy. Be mindful of the person's space and be honest about your intentions. Be extra kind when you can, and generous. It doesn't hurt to invite that person out to lunch where you "pick their brain" about your dream job and their story on getting it. You might forge a real friendship or mentor-ship.

3. Apply, Interview, Repeat Get out there, and Try.

You might not feel like you're totally prepared but part of life is figuring things out along the way. It's great motivation! Look closely at what they require for the position and adjust your resume to highlight the parts that fit the bill. If you don't get the job off the bat, contact the interviewer and ask them if there were specific skills or qualities that would have made you a better candidate. Be grateful, respectful, and even supportive of their process. Congratulate them on hiring a good fit for their company and wish them the best. You might even ask if there are other openings in the company you are qualified for. Joining the team might be a good way to get a little closer to your dream.

4. Never Give Up                                                                                             

You'll get frustrated and sometimes bitter. But don't give up. You might work another job for a while, but make little improvements every week. Read articles related to your dream job, do little side projects, or volunteer work that relates to it. The more experience you rack up the better- put it on your resume! Talk to people about it, visualize yourself in the position and what you would look like and do and how life would be. Think positively in word and image about yourself getting the job. Manifest it. And always refer to number 1 above.

5. Get a shoe in!

I mentioned it already, and truly it's a useful way to go. While you're getting yourself primed to work your dream job, do something like it. Or close to it. Starting at an entry level helps you understand all sides of the business or the process, and will make you better in the end. It fills in the story between now and your dream job with experiences and wisdom from living in every role. You might get to know people along the way that have similar passions, people that will help you or collaborate with you. Start where you can, and be grateful for it! You got this friend! It might take time and effort but that's what life is all about. Use the resources in this article to boost your sense of direction, and patience. You'll be there before you know it! With lots of love friends, go for your dreams, and keep on going!


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