Harem Pants vs. Yoga Pants

Harem Pants vs. Yoga Pants | Buddha Pants®


Finding the right yoga and exercise gear can make all the difference between a successful workout and a wasted trip to the gym. The right legwear especially can help you enjoy more comfortable workouts by providing proper fit and a more complete range of motion. Because of this, the right gear can also lead to more successful and productive workouts overall.

For years, yoga pants have served as the unquestioned standard for workout wardrobes, with many simply choosing to rock yoga pants because they felt there was no other option. But for many, yoga pants can cause discomfort and can lead to a less-than-optimal workout as a result.

Harem pants, on the other hand, represent a perfect alternative that can provide many of the same benefits of yoga pants while also helping you enjoy increased comfort, range of movement, portability, and more.

Here is a closer look at the harem pants versus yoga pants debate to help determine which belongs in your closet for your next yoga class, backpacking trip, or day of relaxation.

Yoga Pants: The Old Guard

Even if you’re not a yoga enthusiast, you’re most likely quite familiar with yoga pants. For many, they can provide some comfort as workout gear or simply as loungewear during downtime or weekend errands.

Yoga pants allow fairly extensive freedom of movement and come in several styles, from leggings and capris to high-waisted. Typically made from flexible fabrics like cotton-spandex blends or synthetic materials, high-quality yoga pants designed for breathability and sweat-wicking can also be quite expensive.

Yoga pants often lose durability and begin to wear with time and thus may need to be replaced fairly often. It’s also not uncommon for yoga pants to be too tight and sticky on the legs, which can limit your range of movement and cause discomfort, regardless of whether you’re exercising or just going about your everyday tasks.

Harem Pants: The New Alternative

Harem pants – also sometimes called genie pants or Aladdin pants – often serve similar purposes to yoga pants but are baggier and are caught in at the ankle for added airflow and range of motion. Their use of lightweight and highly breathable fabrics helps reduce discomfort while also making them a versatile wardrobe option for any occasion.

Harem pants are available in a wide range of gorgeous patterns and prints, making them easy to style and match with any outfit, from workouts and lounging to those special nights out. Where yoga pants are almost exclusively reserved for exercise and relaxation, harem pants are easy to build an outfit around and are more than welcome in almost any social setting. The fact that harem pants are even more lightweight and much roomier than yoga pants also means more airflow and freedom of movement anytime you put them on.

The versatility of harem pants is also a huge plus, as they can fit any body type comfortably and confidently, with a wide elastic waistband that can fit well either down by your hips or higher up on your waist.

The bottom line is that harem pants have everything you love about yoga pants without any of the negatives. They’re a much more comfortable, lightweight, and breathable pant available in tons of gorgeous prints for you to wear for any occasion.

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