Mother's Day Gift Ideas

mother's day, buddha pants

Mother's Day is an opportunity to celebrate motherhood and all maternal bonds.  
Here are some ways to celebrate this Mother's Day. 

Make her a home-cooked meal.
You can do breakfast in bed, creative snacks throughout the day, or an extravagant dinner at home.  When meals are made with love, they always taste best and are usually appreciated most.

Go on an adventure outside.
Pick a beautiful local spot and spend quality time in nature.  Be sure to take in the experience with each of your senses while slowing down and relaxing into full presence. As a fun activity, list things that you can see, hear, smell and touch.

Create a musical playlist.
Find songs that evoke memories and moments that bring back beautiful feelings. Be sure to add new songs which you can make new memories to as well.  Dance parties at home are always fun and especially light hearted.

Do the thing she has been asking you to.
Is there a habit she’s been asking you to quit, or a task she keeps asking you to do?  Consider giving the gift that brings peace of mind, and do the thing!

Thank her.
Make a gratitude list and write out all the things, both big and small that make you feel grateful for her.

Build her a collage.
Do you love to snap pics, but they are all inside your phone?  Print them and bring them into real life!  Build a collage or album of special moments, and give the gift of memories to look back on. Warm fuzzy feels will ensue!

Matching with the fam.
Do you love when the fam jam matches?  Buddha Pants are unisex and come in 11 sizes ranging from baby to XXL. Take a look at the style options here!

Whatever you get up to this Mother's Day, take a moment to feel into the tenderness in your heart when reflecting on the energy of what it means to be a mom. 

Happy Mother's Day. Shop mommy and me harem pants, toddler pants.

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