Quirky Ways to Cheer Up!

Quirky ways to cheer up! | Buddha Pants®

Random, Quirky, yet Effective Ways to Cheer Up
We all have those days, just feeling a little low for no reason at all. If you can't seem to find your jollies for whatever reason, here are a few things you can try:

1. Notice something great about another person, then tell them about it.
If you're out and about, maybe you have a passing interaction with a kind barista, or you ask for directions to a place you've never been to, then take a moment to thank the person for their friendliness. If you're at home, think of a friend or coworker who you admire, or who has done something noteworthy recently, give them a call and share your compliments! Connecting with others and expressing how you see greatness in them opens a door for you to see the same in yourself.

2. Go outside sit somewhere pretty, look at the sky, sway side to side and breathe as if it is your very first breath. The sky is one of the most calming views we have, ever-expansive, ever-changing, and somewhat unbelievable. Give yourself some time to enjoy the slow motion clouds, move your body back and forth, side to side, little or big circles. All while sitting down! Of course standing works to, or you might feel inspired to stand up after a few moments. If you're afraid of looking strange, drop the fear, and call it a social experiment. I wouldn't be surprised if someone asks you what you're looking at, or stops to gaze up at the sky beside you in silence. If you do find yourself with company introduce yourself by name, enjoy the moment and maybe you'll find an opportunity to try number 1.

3. Put on the French Cafe music station on Pandora. It never fails. Really though. Soft jazzy rhythms, an occasional swing kick, folk influences, and sporadically the once-romantic, now-somewhat-humorous melodic vocals. Chop veggies to it, read your book to it, take a walk by the sea or a busy road if you have to. It will put you at ease and make life seem a little lighter, music to tickle and soothe your soul.

4. Exercise!
I know, you're probably dragging, so exercise is the last thing you think you have energy for. I'm here to tell you, you gotta whip it! Into shape. Shape it up. Get Straight. Go Forward. Move ahead. Put on Devo, and 80s style shred. Even if you just bounce up and down like you're at a punk show crammed like sardines with a bunch of smelly strangers. Look up "Burpees" on YouTube and give your best impression. Make loud grunting noises while you do squats or push-ups or crunches. YouTube "Pilates core girl" and try to smile like the girls in the video while you work up a burn in your tummy you haven't had since your last jalapeño. Seriously, it works. Get some circulation going, breath flowing, and before you know it, life will seem brighter.

5. If you chuckled a few times reading this, then maybe laughter is your ticket. Watch comedy on YouTube, Netflix, SnapChat or IG. It's pretty much everywhere. Get out of your office for 5 mins and ask the funniest person near you about the meaning of life. Sing every word you say in your own head, or out loud. Sounds weird, but guess what, the vibration of sound moves matter. If you've been feeling low or sticky, or "blah" chances are your body and mind are feeling stagnant. Get some movement going, even if it's silently, in your head. Sing your thoughts to yourself and notice how your body and head feels. I guarantee you there is a subtle change. After all, thoughts are vibrations traveling too, beyond what the eyes, ears and skin can perceive. Make sure you embellish that inner voice and hit every high and low note you've always dreamed of hitting. Imagination is freeing, and uplifting.

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