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Simple Lifestyle Shifts for More Energy

If your are looking for simple lifestyle shifts to encourage more energy, here are some tips. 

1.) Start to implement a morning routine. The way we start our day really affects the rhythm and tone for a more fulfilling day. If we wake up and feel rushed, or the first thing we do is look on our phones, we are starting the day disconnected from presence, leaving us feeling ungrounded and anxious. Start the day with prayer, meditation, reading, journaling, a hot shower or bath, or anything else that makes you feel grounded and settled into your body. Even if this means waking up 20 minutes earlier than you normally would to really set the tone for a successful day. 

2.) Keep a gratitude journal. Gratitude is an essential element for health and vitality in one's life. By focusing more on the things that are good in our life, we are expending less energy on the things that are no longer serving us a fulfilling purpose in our day to day. By implementing gratitude, we are putting our energy into something that gives back, resulting in more energy. 

3.) Prioritize personal enjoyment. Society can often times make us believe that spending time doing things that make us feel good, is a selfish act. However, prioritizing personal enjoyment cultivates more energy because it is a form of self care. You have heard the phrase, "you cannot pour from an empty cup", well this is very true, and in fact, in order to prevent burnout, being consistent in filling your cup will lead to a more fulfilling life. So that you can carry out your daily tasks, crush your goals, and lead a life of self love and personal development. 

These simple lifestyle shifts will help you cultivate more energy on the day to day, as well as guide you into leading a life of self love and personal growth.