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Why You Should Be Practicing Yoga Daily

     Whether you are craving more mental balance, you want to work on your strength and stamina, or are looking for a spiritual outlet, yoga holds the answer! Here are six reasons you should be practicing yoga!

1.) Growing a healthy relationship with the body. Bringing yoga home to the body, grants practitioners the opportunity to create a more intimate relationship with themselves, their bodies, and their needs. 

2.) Yoga connects you with a growing community. Attending yoga classes puts you in touch with many like minded beings. Most people who practice yoga are there for the same reasons that you are which makes for an instant connection!

3.) Yoga helps you manage stress. According to the National Institutes of Health, scientific evidence shows that yoga supports mental health, mindfulness, stress management, and healthy eating.

4.) Yoga promotes joy. Practicing yoga boosts alertness and enthusiasm, releases energy, and circulates the blood. Fresh oxygen to the body, and most importantly to the brain!

5.) Yoga improves your heart health. Many factors contributing to heart disease such as high blood pressure and excess weight are addressed through yoga. Reducing levels of stress and  inflammation in the body makes for a happy, healthy heart. 

6.) Yoga improves strength, balance, and flexibility. What other activity do you do that works through all three of these elements? Yoga works through slow dynamic movements, with deep breathing to warm the body, while holding poses to build strength. 

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