Unleashing your Inner Goddess

Unleashing your Inner Goddess | Buddha Pants®

Even the most “woke” among us can use a confidence boost once in a while. The next time you need a little extra motivation, try these easy-to-incorporate tips and be on your way to feeling your boldest, most beautiful self no matter what life throws your way.

REFRESH AND REVIEW YOUR DIET — You already know that aerobic exercise provides a natural endorphin rush. But did you know that the majority of these good-feelings brain chemicals are actually produced in the digestive tract? If we are what we eat, be mindful of what goes in. Good feelings begin with a healthy gut biome.

MUSIC — Listening to music directly affects mood and emotion and can lower levels of stress-related hormones. Dance to that rhythm, sing along and remember what it was that made you happy when you first heard that unforgettable melody.

DRESS UP — The notion that dressing up can make you feel more powerful isn’t new, but there might be more to it than previously thought. A recent study found that wearing dressier clothes can change your thinking for the better, even when working from home. If maximum comfort is your style, try wearing a pair of BUDDHA PANTS and throwing on a blazer for work calls.

HELP YOUR COMMUNITY — Volunteering can lower stress, boost self-confidence, and decrease depression. Even when you’re unable to get outside, there are ways to help from the comfort of your own home. Call a senior citizen. Checking in with somebody lets them know someone cares about them, they’re not alone, they’re still valued. Senior centers and homes are happy to provide introductions to an elder stranger that would really like to hear from you. And surprise! You’ll find that you’ll welcome the contact as much as they do.

SAY IT OUT LOUD — An optimistic outlook makes all the difference in the world. Incorporating positive phrases into your daily routine reinforces the goals you’ve set for your day and your life. Try starting the morning with a personal affirmation. “I am powerful and am working to achieve my goals,” or “I am strong and will make healthy choices today,” are examples of excellent affirmations. Creating and repeating these daily affirmations can have a positive effect on your attitude, and may even have the ability to rewire your subconscious into changing bad habits to good ones.

Make these things habits, try them for thirty days and see for yourself how simple it is to make positive change happen in your life NOW!

PS - Fellas, these things work for you, too!  Ladies, don’t be afraid to share the word.

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