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What does 2020 mean for YOU, Spiritually? | Buddha Pants®

Spiritual Growth and Ascension are on the menu for 2020. Spiritual Ascension means reaching for the highest possible spiritual light of our inner beings. 2020 symbolizes great potential for peace and harmony through our collective optimism and enthusiasm.

2020 will be a major year for all spiritual seekers. Saturn and Pluto will align in January creating major energy. This energy will give a boost to our souls thereby producing tremendous harmony. This is definitely the energy boost that Ascension conscious people have been waiting for. Light has never been more eager to express itself.

2020 is a symmetrical number calling us to let go of the dark and reach for this light.

The mantra for 2020 can be summarized in one word - Surrender. The Past no longer holds value. The future is unknowable, so why not surrender to the present? 

2020 is a year of transformation. Change is key. Pluto and Saturn are all about change - in the way things are done, in the way things are ordered, in new personal power. Change within brings change without, long-lasting change, spilling over into 2021, and beyond.

If the number 2020 keeps popping up for you, you are receiving confirmation from your guardian angels, signaling readiness. Your life goals are achievable! Seeing the number 2020 symbolizes faith and trust in relationships as well as a reminder to be more compassionate to the plight of others.