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Natalia was born and raised in the small town of Laguna Beach, California. From the very beginning she had a deep appreciation for the sacred beauty of the natural world. She spent every February in Hawaii with family and friends immediately developed a special love for the sweet richness of the islands. Natalia is a free spirit and loves to learn. In college she was unable to corral her interests to just one area of study and graduated with degrees in Biology, Mathematics and Music. It was also in college that after years of sporadic yoga and meditation practice, she began to form a daily sadhana. Over the years, yoga has evolved to meet her ever changing physical and spiritual needs. When she fractured her back in a snowboarding accident, it was there to help her gain back mobility and strength. When she slipped a disk in a yoga class and was unable to move for a month, meditation and pranayama came to calm the mind. Yoga has that ability- to meet you where you are and to serve. In 2013 Natalia completed a rigorous 200-hour training at Flow Yoga Center in Washington D.C (Flow’s is one of the most comprehensive and detailed 200-hour trainings in the country). Though her teacher and mentor there, Brittanie DeChino, she learned about Sri Dharma Mittra, the “Rock” of yoga and teacher’s teacher. In 2015 she completed her 500-hour certification at the Dharma Yoga Center in New York with Sri Dharma. Natalia is now living a life of Yoga in Honolulu, Hawaii. She teaches a variety of styles of yoga, the asana (postures) will be different depending on the style and class level, but the thread tying them all together is recognizing the Light within. In every one of her classes she gives you the space and elements needed for you to connect with your Highest Self.




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