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Donna Tshering Lama | Buddha Pants®
Donna Tshering Lama (don_locked_13) is probably the FIRST and ONLY Indian owning these amazing pants in the country of  India. She is pursuing her masters in Sociology and she stumbled into yoga and fell in love with it and has been doing yoga religiously for the past two years. She completed her 200 Hrs Yoga Teacher Training and is also a certified Ayurvedic Therapist. Her style of yoga is Vinyasa flow with interval training and loves to kill it with core and endurance circuit. 
Yoga has and will play an important part in her life. She wants to help people get fit and find peace and self love though yoga. She wants to build a wide network of people who will be each-others support system and never let anyone feel alone and disconnected. Donna is still studying learning and exploring yoga and life. She is an aspiring handstanding student and loves to invert. 
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