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Gabrielle Cohen is a bi coastal yogi who has been practicing and teaching yoga in California and Miami for the past 4 years. She lives and breathes yoga, music and travel. Her journey began at core power yoga in Los Angeles, where she also did her 200 hr teacher training in power vinyasa. Since then, Gabrielle has moved to Miami where she teaches at Exhale Spa and wynwoods renowned Love Life Wellness Center . She teaches power, vinyasa, and yin yoga. 

Gabrielle's classes are very connected to prana work and deeply connected to music. "Good music yoga" is one of her hashtags. She uses music and playlists to promote her classes on social media. Music is such an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to yoga classes. She feels that with the right music and movements together, a spiritually awakening and strong yoga practice will come. Through invigorating and edgy playlists her classes are all organically flowed, and all different. 

Yoga has helped Gabrielle get out of dark places in her life. Through yoga on and off the mat she feels that Yoga, in a way, saved her life. Giving yourself the time out of your day to really focus on yourself is completely necessary to be your highest truest self. Life is a rollercoaster, and Gabrielle's classes somewhat feel like a rollercoaster ride. Yoga is a serious outlet for Leaving negative emotions beside and coming back to basics, breathing and moving and flowing all toxic energy out of the mind and body. Living in the moment fully.

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