The traveler. Can you stay grounded when you travel?

The traveler. Can you stay grounded when you travel? | Buddha Pants®


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Blog by: The Buddha Squad | Jvaine1

The backpack, nearly bursting at the seams, the yoga mat rolled up, the passport and a one
way airline ticket, it is all here. The world of traveling to awaits, but how will we handle the highs
and lows of this adventure? Because trust me there are always up and downs to an adventure,
maybe the connecting flight gets cancelled or the bus breaks down, something always throws a
wrench into the mix. But what the hell are we supposed to do if our plan gets a wrinkle? By
embracing these happenings as adventures of their own, we are fully able to experience
wanderlusting at its best.

Let these five tips help you stay grounded on your next adventure and fully experience the world
as it is meant to be!

1. Meditate - when we are back home and things get off track we grab our malas and
connect with our favorite mantra. Don’t let this change because the world is swirling
around us, screaming hey look at me. Wake up 5 minutes earlier, connect with the
prana, then the world. As we step out into the new place our heart, soul and mind will be
ready to receive all the goodness that awaits.

2. Slow Down - For whatever reason when we travel we all get all anxious. The excitement
is one thing but anxiety is another, it causes panic, anger and we lose the entire
experience of letting go what we just left. So instead of waiting at the gate in line when
they just called pre-boarding, sit and watch the world around us, maybe make eye
contact with a stranger and share a smile. And we need to remind ourselves not to be
the person so stressed out about getting on the plane to sit in the seat we have reserved
6 months ago, it will be there and everything will be fine.

3. The Schedule - This pretty much goes with slowing down but has a few more pieces. A
schedule is an amazing thing but don’t let it run our life, we are on an adventure, we are
wandering, if it fits into our life it is supposed to. If we just forced it in there we most likely
missed something that we were supposed to see. So set a schedule, let it guide us but
not own us. The goal of this trip was to wander a bit aimlessly, see some amazing things
and live outside the comfort zone.

4. Disconnect - We all have people and things we need to communicate with while we
travel and that is perfectly fine. Let these people and things know what we are up to and
where we are going but after that let the world of technology go. It will suck us into
checking on the email we sent, waiting for the response from that company or if Bobby
liked our Instagram post of you doing tree pose next to that magical tree. Post to share,
but have no attachment to it.

5. Embrace the culture - Put down all the walls, judgments, fear and hype and just dive into
the culture. Watch, learn and admire how the locals live and go about their day, once
this happens you will become comfortable and thriving in new place. Make friends with
the locals, they will be excited to share their culture, lives and hearts with you. And soon
this place will feel as comfortable as home.


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