Top 5 Gluten Free Breads!

Top 5 Gluten Free Breads! | Buddha Pants®

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Top 5 Gluten Free Breads!

By: Alex Halenda

GF has been on the market for a while now, and the GF bread brands have been learning.  You can definitely tell they've heard our feedback and are working hard to make a fine slice of bread for our PB&Js, Avocado Toasts and BLTs.  The following brands are proof of how far we've come:

1. Glutino-

First of all, it's the same size as an average piece of bread.  As funny as that may sound, for those of us rocking the GF diet for a long time, it's a treat.  Aside from that, Glutino has great texture, it is one of the only GF breads that I find edible as is.  I prefer to toast it, or grill it on the stove in a little coconut oil, but overall this brand is number one for a loaf of GF bread.  Least likely to fall apart, especially when toasted.

Contains egg.

2. Trader Joe's Name Brand -

Pricewise, excellent.  Flavor is a win too.  Size of bread, smaller than your average slice, but on the upside, it's portion control!  TJs Gluten Free Bread (white bread and whole grain) stays together under a little pressure, as a GF person I am grateful, having been through years of sad, dry and crumbling breads.  They have 4 varieties, the only one that does NOT contain egg is the Brown Rice Bread, which I have not tried.

3. Rudi's -

Fluffy, most options are not too hearty but still filling.  Average size slice, and a nice nutty/healthy addition of grains.  A few different flavor to try, original, cinnamon raisin, multigrain, hearty fiber, and diet-style with caraway seeds.  

Contains egg.

4. Udi's-

Another nicely sized bread!  Really, it's a big deal!  For texture they come in fourth with a little more dryness then the three brands listed above, which makes Udis a little more likely to crumble.  But if it's the only one in the store, definitely give it a go.  And who knows, their recipe may have even improved recently.  

Contains egg.

5. Homemade GF bread-

Maybe you knew someone growing up who baked bread, or just liked to cook.  Did they ever include you in the process?  Some of my fondest family memories and bonding experiences with friends were in the kitchen.  So if you have a great recipe, please share it with us here!  I'll grab a couple friends and give it a try.

All in all, these four companies fulfill my GF bread needs.  I look back to the early days of GF products, and feel immensely grateful for the dedication and research these companies put into making the perfect piece of bread.  Life wouldn't be the same with out a good sandwich.  Kudos to all, and happy toasting!

Bonus:  Coconut oil on a piece of toast with a hint of pink sea salt, is even better than butter!!

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