A better world starts with being a better neighbor.

May all beings be safe, peaceful and free of suffering - Buddha

Metta meditation is a traditional Buddhist practice to help foster a sense of kindness and compassion towards all living beings. After reciting kind phrases toward yourself, you extend that out to the world - towards your family and friends, but also towards acquaintances, those you may not like and even animals.

Practicing empathy and compassion in this way can nurture stronger social relationships.

In our digital world, we can send a message to someone nearly anywhere on the globe in moments - yet, we feel more disconnected than ever.

As an online retailer, who got our start traveling to yoga festivals all over the country, we had come to miss that connection to community, especially over the last year.

For this reason, Buddha Pants founder, Rachel Raab, became inspired to get more involved with some amazing non-profit organizations right in our own backyard of Florida

What started as a small way to give back, has since grown. At Buddha Pants, we believe in the importance of being a good neighbor not only in our local communities, but also our global community.

We are committed to supporting organizations who help to make the world a better place - whether that is empowering children, coming to the aid when a global disaster hits, or helping to keep the world a healthy and clean place to live.

One pair of pants donated for every ten sold.

Everytime you make a purchase, we are one step closer to providing a pair of pants to someone in need. At the end of each month, we’ll tally all our orders and ship off a donation to a well-deserving organization. To date we have donated over 500 pants to organizations across the country.

Featured Organization

FLITE Center