3 Reasons Why You Should Try AcroYoga

3 Reasons Why You Should Try AcroYoga

AcroYoga, or partner yoga, is a dynamic practice that combines yoga, healing arts, and acrobatics. It can seem intimidating or even impossible to someone who has never tried it, but like many things, it takes trust, belief, and willingness to learn to grow your AcroYoga practice. If you’re curious about about trying AcroYoga, here are 3 reasons we think that you should!

Build community and connection
AcroYoga is found all over the world. Whether you’re in your own community or exploring a new community and culture, there’s always a door to build new and deep relationships through this practice. It’s one of the most incredible parts of AcroYoga! Want to find fellow Acro Yogis where you are? There are various AcroYoga Facebook groups where Acro Yogis from around the world connect and meet up in different cities, so try searching “AcroYoga (your city)” and make new connections. AcroYoga International has a teacher list of over 1,500 teachers across the globe. We’ve found that yogis in this practice are welcoming and are always more than happy to help those who are new to the practice learn. Because, after all, we’ve all been beginners at it and remember that it seemed like a lot to learn at first.

Improve trust and communication
Since you’re working with a partner (or even multiple partners), trust and communication are necessary in this practice. Typically in yoga you’re responsible only for watching out for yourself on your own mat. In Acro, you’re responsible for yourself and those that you’re working with! It’s important to communicate to ensure that your partner feels comfortable, safe, and ready to move onto the next step. Trust is key in AcroYoga, some moves can feel scary so you must trust that your partner will guide you and be there to catch you if you fall rather than panicking. A great way to start out your AcroYoga practice is with trust falls and if you’re the flyer, being inverted. You’ll learn to take these trust and communication skills off your mat too.

Gain strength and mindfulness in new ways
AcroYoga is a great way to spice up your yoga practice. You’ll learn new moves through the practice that can translate into your personal yoga practice. As a base, you’ll gain strength and learn to work different muscles. As a flyer, in addition to learning new strength, you’ll learn to deepen your stretches with the assistance of your base, who helps you get deeper into your poses as you fly. AcroYoga requires mindfulness, as you can’t be thinking about anything besides the present moment since the practice needs a lot of attention and thought. We find it’s easier to get lost in your head in thought during a vinyasa or gentle yoga class than it is in Acro. The newfound mindfulness practice through AcroYoga can translate into your regular yoga practice and into everyday life.

If you’re still unsure about trying AcroYoga, we say go for it! It’s never a bad thing to learn some new skills. Likely you’ll meet new friends and enjoy some shared laughter, so wait no longer!

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