3 Simple Changes To Make In The New Year

3 Simple Changes To Make In The New Year

     The new year brings about all sorts of warm and exciting feelings as you step into a fresh, clean start. Allow this year to empower you to make changes based upon what feels good to your most authentic self. Here are 3 SIMPLE changes to make in the new year so that you can feel and perform your best! 

     1.) Go organic! This may sound overwhelming, but the key here is to start with one thing at a time. What we surround ourselves with environmentally, emotionally, and chemically all plays a huge role in the health of the body. By swapping to organic, you are helping your body function at its best! Start with food, and then move into cleaning supplies. Next, check out your laundry detergents, hair and skincare. Slowly starting to make this transition will prevent overwhelm, and adds up overtime! Before you know it, you will be 100% organic! 

    2.) Rewrite your idea of exercise. The best way to do this is to stop viewing exercise as something that you have to get done, but something that you GET to engage in. Reword exercise and start viewing it as movement! Moving the body creates nourishment by providing fresh blood flow through the body and brain. Giving yourself the opportunity to breathe, rebuild, and nurture! Find movement that excites you! Whether that be a walk in the park, cleaning out a closet, or just simply dancing around the kitchen! Movement does not always have to mean spending an hour in the gym, it can be anything that gets your heart pumping, blood flowing, and oxygen circulating through the body! 

     3.) Step out of your mind and into your physical body! This is the year to find union between your mind, body, and soul! In order to do this, you must first step out of the worry state, and into the present state of being. Not worrying about what has happened in the past, or what is going to happen in the future. The only place that your physical body can be in is this moment right now. Choose to let go of the burdens and fears of yesterday and tomorrow, and be fully soaked in the present moment of today! For today is all we really have! This is going to set you up for success through the year, because you will truly be engaged, rather than just flowing through motions. 

     These 3 changes to make in the new year might sound daunting at first. So, start with one thing at a time. When you notice and experience a difference in that area, it will encourage you to move into the next step with confidence because you have seen results! This process takes time, and the right mindset. But choosing to make a positive change for yourself is going to make this year a year of healing and health! 

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