5 Places to take your Buddha Prayer Flags

5 Places to take your Buddha Prayer Flags | Buddha Pants®

These gorgeous flags catch your eye, there's no doubt something special about them. From the most traditional flags to the new BuddhaPants flags, there's a special kind of feeling to see them blowing in the wind. While the original prayer flags of the Bon tradition are said to have been plain solid colors, the widely known Buddhist prayer flags have mantras and symbols that represent the enlightened mind. When these flags blow in the wind, the idea is that qualities like compassion, fearlessness, perfect action, prosperity, and peace infuse the air. The prayers in the wind are meant to bring balance to all the elements in the environment -including people- harmonizing communities. So when you put up your prayer flags, you could say a little prayer for peace and harmony too, or even write it between the lines! And when you see flags like these strung up in all their glory, remember there are good intentions floating in the air - all around you.

1. To a Festival!
Whether it's your first time to a music festival or your 50th time, it's never too soon to start sprucing up your campsite. The festival grounds shouldn't be the only place that looks inviting and beautiful, and you'll see, camps that are decorated well feel extra nice to visit. You can tie your flags between your tent post and your BFF's, or over your tent's front door, or on the inside for something to gaze at those early mornings before you're ready to venture out.

2. Wherever you Meditate (watch them in the wind!)
Of course! What better time to connect with health and equanimity than during meditation? You know, prayers on flags aren't the only thing that uplifts community and the environment. Statistics have shown that when large groups meditate the crime rate in the area drops. Post up with your flags, BuddhaPants, and good vibes in your favorite meditation spot - a park, rooftop, sweet branch of a tree, anywhere! And start uplifting the world. Your prayers might just be what we all need today!

3. In Your Car
If the top of your car is cloth, it's SO easy to pin up these prayer flags. If you're feeling really nifty, use some scissors to snip the last five flags off the string, and pin them up with a simple sewing pin hanging across your back window! Just be sure they don't block your rearview mirror. And don't worry, you'll still have 12 flags on your travel flag set after that, a very auspicious number, just look it up! Then with your flags in your car, you'll be reminded of good intentions everywhere you go. Maybe it will make those moments stuck in traffic a little more enjoyable too.

4. To Your Friends House for a Hang Out
Get it, "Hang out"? These super durable flags are easy to travel with, and a quick way to bring color and cheer any place you go. Surprise a friend and string them up over their front door when you visit, share what you've learned about prayer flags and leave your friend feeling the good vibes all through their neighborhood. Quick and easy take down and pack up on the way out. If it seems like your friend really loves them, it might just be a perfect moment for a random act of gift giving!

5. To the Beach
Sweet sea salt blowing in the wind, and what's that?! Prayer flags. Yup. On your way to the beach grab a couple tall and sturdy sticks. Tie your flags to one end and post them up in the sand behind your big ol' beach towel. Or for the well-prepared beach-goer, string them up between your umbrella and your beach chair. Watch your flags and their shadow blowing in the wind, it even spruces up your social media post with good intentions and popping colors. Don't doubt the power of simple, yet intentional decoration. Try it out, a little beauty inside out reminds you of the magic in every day life!

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