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Authentic Self Expression | Buddha Pants®

If you are reading this, chances are you have already begun to seek. You are making conscious choices that will better align you with the positive people places and things that are already in your life, or that will become a part of your life as you continue to grow.

Our personalities remain plastic, in that they are not fixed or permanent no matter what the online quizzes tell us. The more we elect to breath, slow down, and stay in the moment, the more our authentic selves become apparent. Too many minutes of each day are spent dwelling on the past or drifting into ideas or anxieties about the future. It’s time to appreciate where we are in the now by owning the strength it took to get through the challenges of the past and showing ourselves compassion when we stumble instead of rigidity. Authentic self expression, means meeting ourselves where we are in every moment. Listening to our bodies when they say enough is enough; feeling grief or elation as they wash over us; playing all 88 keys on our emotional piano to create our very own personal symphony. 

Find your instrument, your art, your language, your flare. Do something that you have always pushed away because you were told you were incapable or inept. Own your loudest, craziest laugh. Be sexy and goofy, messy and unique. Eat breakfast for dinner, learn a dance from another culture. Take off your shoes and socks all day and feel the earth. Change your hair color to any color you want- even blue! Find a kid to pal around with and honor their honesty and their energy. Then honor yourself!

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