What to pack for your first yoga retreat

What to pack for your first yoga retreat | Buddha Pants®

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Packing for your first yoga retreat can be cumbersome. Some people pack too much, making their trip a concerted effort, while others pack too little and end up spending more money on site of their retreat unnecessarily. Whatever the case, it is a general rule while going to a yoga retreat, that you, “Travel light, spread the light, be the light.” Yogi Bhajan.

With that in mind, let’s look at what you should pack for your first yoga retreat.

  1. Yoga pants. Keep in mind the climate of your destination. If you are going to a tropical location, be sure your pants are light weight and above the ankle so your legs can breathe. I really love these for destinations in Central America. If you are going to a more mild to cold climate, a full length pant or bodysuit is recommended, as you will want to be comfortable going to and from your yoga shala for meals and other activities.
  2. Sports bra. Yoga retreats are usually less rigid in wear. Often times you will be in your yoga pants and a bra! This is your opportunity to lay down self judgement and flow without the bunching of your shirt ( We have all been there. Mid-class, re-adjusting our shirt. ) Be sure to have a bra that supports and moves with you. Matching is a bonus, but definitely not necessary or always desired! The key to a great retreat is to have fun!
  3. Toothbrush & toothpaste. Always needed. While towels & usually shampoo MAYBE conditioner is supplied on retreat, a toothbrush and toothpaste is not. Some places offer them for sale on site, but to be safe, you should bring your own.
  4. 3 pairs of shoes. Yes, 3. 2 pairs of flips flops, in case one breaks (It happens a lot on retreat from wear and tear on different terrain. Your flip flips take a beating, make sure they are not your favorite) and close towed shoes for hiking (And old pair of tennis shoes or all terrain hiking boots are good.)
  5. This is needed whether you are in cool or tropical climates! Often times retreats are either in cool, high altitude locations where you are trekking closer to the sun through mountainous areas OR in tropical locations near the equator. Sunscreen is often imported to these areas and cost double if not triple what they cost here.

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