Best Self Care Practices of 2023

Best Self Care Practices of 2023

     Self care is a big topic spoken amongst many health practitioners. But what does self care really mean? Getting your hair and nails done? Or going to a spa for a massage or facial? The truth is, self care should be an every day, easily attainable practice to help facilitate peace and calm throughout the everyday day to day. Here are the best self care practices of 2023 for all bodies and all minds. 

1.) Writing morning pages. Morning pages are a stream of consciousness written in a journal first thing in the morning. Writing is an extremely powerful way to stimulate your creativity and create space between your thoughts and actions. There is a time in the morning where you are in between sleep and awake. At this time, we have access to our deepest inner knowings. Listening to these soft whispers of knowing helps us to reach the deeper part of ourselves that guide us on our path to personal transformation. Begin by writing down any memories that you can remember from your dreams. Then, write down at least 10 things that you are grateful for from the day before. It is very common to focus on all of the things that are not going well, and our minds easily forget all of the goodness that surrounds us. Now, just allow yourself to write. Anything and everything that comes to your mind. You will be amazed at what comes up for you. By engaging in morning pages, you are sending powerful messages to your brain, preparedness to accept unconscious thoughts and feelings, developing a direct relationship with your inner self. The ultimate self care practice. 

2.) Daily mantra, meditation, and yoga practice. The best way to take care of ourselves is to connect with ourselves. Morning pages really kickstart this awareness, and upon awakening our unconscious thoughts, we can better navigate ways in which we need more assistance. Creating daily mantras or affirmations such as:

"I am successful."

"I have everything that I need."

"I am on my own path to fulfillment and soulful living."

"I am worthy of valuable things."

Through the assistance of yoga, we get our bodies warm and flowing. Getting the blood circulation for better thoughts, clear focus, healthy engagement, and a soft awareness to the subtle body so that we can really start working to heal from the inside out. Healing is a journey, and self awareness is another form of ultimate self care. 

3.) Cook at least two meals a week. At least two to prevent feelings of overwhelm, but, if you have more time and energy to cook more than two meals, (or cook everyday), that is even better! Cooking cultivates creativity, and when we touch and prepare our own food, we can send healing energy and thoughts into what the food is going to do to our minds and bodies. The foods that we put into our bodies has a great impact on how we feel on the day to day. Giving us the energy and mindset to practice the ultimate forms of self care such as yoga, meditation, mantra, morning pages, etc. If we are putting low quality, low "prana" (low energy) foods into our bodies, you will not be in a healthy mindset to activate the highest version of yourself. Food is life, so choose the most energetic and vibrant versions and ways to prepare the body for the bright future ahead! 

For some people, this introduction to self care may be a little bit foreign and strange. But, these practices are so delicate, and can be found anywhere, at all times, frequently throughout the day. If you feel scattered and or lost; stop, pause, breathe in, and find one form of self care in which you can connect back to that inner knowing, that sense of peace that resides within all of us!

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