How To Build Sustainable, Healthy Habits

How To Build Sustainable, Healthy Habits

     Creating healthy habits can often times be one of the greatest challenges we face as humans. 

We want to make better decisions because the outcome of consistent wellness results in greater health. 

Here is how you can make healthy changes that are actually sustainable, and will end up being something you enjoy carrying on, rather than feeling as though you have to. 

1.) Release resistance. Often times, resistance is the number one thing that is holding us back. We can be tempted to try and stay in control of our environment and the outcome of every situation. Rather than trying to control, release resistance, and allow the abundance to flow to you, moving forward in joy so you can clear the path of healing right within your own mind and body first. 

2.) Get clear on what it is that you want. The world is full of temptations. Society is consistently leading us to believe that we need to be like everyone else in order to find success or to "fit in". But, what if, just for today, you went against what everyone else was doing. You stood on your own two feet to find what it is that makes you whole from the ground up. Nourishing your roots with what feels good to not only the mind and body, but the SOUL. You are divine, and you deserve to grow in a way that feels nourishing to your own bio-individual being. By doing this, the habits that you want will be natural, and therefore, you will be able to sustain them, because they are from your own mind, not the mind of someone else.

3.) Adopt an observer's mindset. Stepping into the role of the observer will not only help you observe more of what is inside of you, but it will help you see many different sides to the stories that surround you daily. Often times, we only ever see one side to a situation. But, by adopting this mindset, you will be able to see the big picture. Helping clarify goals, priorities, needs, and wants, leading to sustainable goal setting over a period of time. Repetition of what feels good, is really the healthy habit. Our bodies want to recreate that feeling of satiety, and when we step outside of ourselves, we see more of what is within and around that we are guided to consistently recreate. 

Try these key steps to living a more sustainable life, full of naturally flowing healthy habits. 

And wear the San Fran Organic Harem Pants while doing it to feel your best in your magnificent body! 

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