Buddha Pants, the Perfect Harem Pants for the Indian Holiday Holi!

Buddha Pants, perfect harem pants for Indian Holiday known as Holi! | Buddha Pants®

Looking for the perfect harem pants for Holi? Buddha Pants has your back(side) covered.

The Indian Holiday, Holi, is coming up soon. Are you ready?

This year, Holi begins on March 9th and ends on the 10th. This riotous Hindu Festival has been observed for centuries. It’s a joyous occasion with Hindus building bonfires and covering each other in rainbow-hued powders to celebrate the beginning of spring.

Holi honors the god Vishnu. The bonfires are lit to commemorate Holika’s death, celebrating the victory of good over evil. Ash from the bonfires is believed to bring good luck. Devotees take to the street to dance and sing and cover each other in “gulal” (brightly colored powders, used to give candy its color).

Gulal is a mixture of cornstarch and cosmetic grade dyes. Many people wonder how to remove the garish neon-colored powder. Do not fear, gulal washes off, and is easily removed from clothing in any standard washing machine. Use a good quality stain removing detergent. And remember to run hot-water through your washer after you’ve washed and removed your Holi stained garments! Gulal residue may still be lurking!

Some of the best places in India to experience the Holi Festival are Goa, Mathura and Vrindavan, as well as Jaipur and Mumbai.

Check out the Galactic OG Buddha Pants recommended for this most colorful Holi-Day! 

Happy HOLIday to you!



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