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Creating a Meditation Practice | Buddha Pants®
Many people would like to meditate and create a daily meditation practice. Perhaps you have said you would love to experience that blissful smile of inner tranquility associated with a daily practice. But when you try it’s just too hard, too difficult, to sit and do nothing. The excuses are ENDLESS! The truth is, meditation isn’t hard; committing to being with yourself is.

To get good at something one needs to practice. Daily. It is in the repetition of a thing that we approach mastery. How can you play piano without practicing scales? How can you become a ballet dancer without doing pliés?

The word practice is defined as “the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method, as opposed to theories relating to it.” Theoretically, the idea of meditating makes us feel peaceful. Thinking about meditating seems doable. But then the act of actually sitting… ARGHHHH!

How do we stop our thoughts? Impossible! What is possible is creating a focus for your mind. Repeating a Sanskrit mantra, or a word like “Love” over and over can lead to that small gap where there is stillness. This is what you’re going for; finding those moments of stillness. Through practice, those moments multiply, until they connect, uninterrupted by the “drunk monkey noise” of every day living.

Start your meditation practice. Do the best you can, whether five minutes or forty. Get yourself a pair of meditation pants if it helps! And if you fall off, remember this one simple secret of life… Begin Again!