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Easy nutrition tips for surviving the holidays
As we all know, the holidays are here, and these are the times where most people decide to break their diet and just indulge in all the great foods, and I'm here to tell you that that is something that you deserve if you have a strict diet throughout the year, but the key is not to go overboard. In this article, I will tell you easy ways to survive the holiday and not ruin your progress.


 Yes, you can indulge in an extra side dish or that extra dessert, but the key is to eat it in moderation. If you know that you'll have a massive holiday dinner, have a light breakfast and lunch; therefore, you would not be highly over your calorie intake.

Do not skip your workout

If you go over your calorie intake, it is vital to continue your workout routine throughout the holiday season to not gain any extra weight. You will just manage the weight that you have. 

Try not to have a cheat meal every day

 Even throughout the holidays, you still should have some type of restraint and only have that holiday food cheat meal once or twice a week, and on the other days, you will go back to your regular eating routine.


 The main thing to survive the holidays it's not to overthink it; yes, you deserve to treat yourself but don't do it just because you feel you have. To enjoy your time and enjoy your holiday vacation.