Eating Better, Breathing Better, Feeling Better

Eating Better, Breathing Better, Feeling Better | Buddha Pants®


Food is fuel. Breathing is life. Feeling good and being happy is a human right! So let's reflect on all of these wonderful things that- as they blend, they make us unstoppable! (Love this word! Yay!) 

Food is Fuel

So be mindful of the fuel you use so that you don’t conk out on this journey called life.

As a society, our fast-paced lives are abundant with stressful challenges and lack of sleep and this has burdened us more than what we know. Food was created to nourish and fuel our systems. But we use food for different reasons now; therapy, comfort, and coping. Affordability and convenience are major factors impacting the food choices we now make. As an Argentinean, I can easily add that long hours of barbecuing in Latin America are a big part of the culture. Getting together with friends and family to munch for hours are a big part of the tradition. Just imagine the amount of jaws that dropped when I first said I wasn’t eating meat anymore.

Listening, really listening to your body is essential. It's important to eat only when we are hungry, and then make the best possible food choice.

Breathing is Life 

If our breathing is deep, slow and regular then our mind will reach a state of tranquility and calm. By learning how to control our breath, we will become healthier and stronger. But that's not all. Knowing how to breathe also helps us control our emotions (anger, anxiety, sadness, fear etc.) and keep a clear and sharp mind. When we are upset or stressed our breathing becomes quick and shallow. Breathing deeply and slowly instantly calms us down mentally as well as physically. Concentrating on our breathing , also helps us to live in the present and feel alive. Very often our mind is thinking about something while our body is doing something else and as a result, our mind and our body are not unified. With breathing exercises, inhaling and exhaling, we bring our mind and body to work together because both are focused on the same thing. Meditation and Yoga are amazing techniques to use and keep in our lives.

Feeling Good

It even sounds good! To feel good is to tap into the essence of who we are, know ourselves, and choose things that resonate with our truth- from the choices we make such as jobs and activities,to the people around us. Feeling good is a state of mind. Inspired as I am by the law-of-attraction, I feel this is a good moment to use some reflective quotations.

"Happy moment. Remember a happy one or create one. Smell it. Feel it. Breath it. Hold it. Sense it all over, and as ripples in the ocean expanding larger and larger, you will bring that happy moment to the here and now, to your present moment no matter where or when it is."

 "We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize, and
visualizing is one of the greatest of these powers."

"Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts become your words.
Keep your words positive, because your words become your behaviors.
Keep your behaviors positive, because your behaviors become your habits.
Keep your habits positive, because your habits become your values.
Keep your values positive, because your values become your destiny."

Consciously breathe. Consciously eat. And consciously realize that happiness is a choice away, a beautiful unique way to perceive this wonderful world!

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