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The Art of Allowing | Buddha Pants®

As the human-beings that we are, we tend to want things our own way-from the way we drink our coffee and the way we sleep, to how we decorate our rooms. And that is simply human nature. Lately I've realized that we are moving closer to becoming human-doings instead of human-beings. By this I mean: having the need to control the outcome as if there could only be one possibility.That can only bring one thing, frustration. 

Allowing means to know what I want and the way I want it , but still trusting the way life goes enough to walk that path and embrace it without resistance.

Allowing isn't resignation. 

Allowing is to let life be. Allowing is accepting. Allowing is flowing. Allowing is having plan B- and why not-  plans C, D, and E! Allowing is making the decision to be happy. And as life takes its turns and has it's ups and it's downs, our choice to remain happy stays unmoved by external outcomes. Allowing means if we want something, we send our intention out into the Universe with love and determination, and we let life continue,  knowing that in divine time, we will be given all we need.

Happiness is a human right and even though we are not always right, we are always Human. Let's allow. Let's breath life. Let's free ourselves from the self-imposed idea of only one path. Let's see which turn our lives take today.
Let's buddhify our lives blissfully! Just allow!