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Healthy Cinco de Mayo Food & Drink Ideas | Buddha Pants®

 Cinco de Mayo is a day that Americans typically associate with eating Mexican food and drinking beers like Modelo and Corona. We see it as a time to get together with friends and celebrate Mexican culture.

But, did you know...

Cinco de Mayo started being celebrated in the United States in the 1960s and isn’t very widely celebrated in Mexico. Many people mistake this day as Mexico’s Independence Day, however the date actually commemorates an underdog victory over France in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Mexico’s Independence Day is on September 16. Cinco de Mayo has strayed a bit from its original roots and turned into a drinking and celebration holiday. Knowing this, we can still use the time to honor the culture and bring together our friends and family for a fun time.

Perhaps you’d like to throw a celebration at home rather than going out this year. Make your holiday at home with friends extra special with these healthy food and drink ideas:

Spicy Pink Paloma
If you like a sweet yet spicy combo, the Spicy Pink Paloma may be the cocktail for you. It’s light and refreshing with no added sugar, just grapefruit!

Blueberry Vanilla Margaritas
Switch it up from your typical margarita and enjoy these delicious Blueberry Vanilla Margaritas made from real fruit.

Black Bean and Veggie Tortilla Pizza
Looking to satisfy your pizza and Mexican cravings without all the carbs? Make this pizza with a tortilla rather than pizza crust. It’s simple, healthy, and delicious!

Mexican Street Corn Salad
Do we need to say more? Enjoy your street corn favorite in a salad form and use Greek Yogurt rather than mayo for the dressing. Yum!

Fish Tacos
We love fish tacos, especially when they involve guacamole and a great slaw. Check out this recipe for mouth-watering fish tacos.