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Best Foods To Eat Before Working Out
     It is a very common recommendation to consume a quality amount of protein before a workout. But, what about fats and carbohydrates? Finding a balance between these three macronutrients is vital to feeling your best before moving your body. Here...
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How To Eat For The Seasons
Did you know that seasonal eating is extremely important for your health? Eating foods according to the seasons helps with sleep, digestion, mood, and overall health. By eating seasonly, you are also helping support local farmers! 1.) Visit your local...
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Must have refreshing Mocktails to cool you down on a hot day
Mocktail recipes are the perfect way to enjoy a cocktail's flavor and refreshment without the alcohol.  Whether you're looking for a mocktail to serve at your next party or want to enjoy a delicious drink without the alcohol, these five...
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3 Reasons to Visit Puerto Rico this Year
Puerto Rico is a great spot that's part of the US, has activities from the mountains to sea to history, and has the most delicious food! Here's why you should visit this year.
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How to eat more food with less calories
Are you looking to eat more food but don't want the extra calories? You're in luck! This blog post will discuss some tips and tricks that will help you eat more while consuming less calories. You can enjoy your favorite...
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How to eat healthy in college
Maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college can be difficult with the pressure to succeed and constant temptation from unhealthy food options. However, eating healthy is important for both your physical and mental health. There are a few key ways to...
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How to make nutritional shakes for your kids
Like most parents, you want to ensure your kids are getting the best nutrition possible. A great way to do that is by making nutritional shakes for them. Nutritional shakes can provide your kids with essential vitamins, minerals, protein, and...
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10 Healthy Dessert Ideas to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth
Do you love dessert but feel guilty after eating it? You don’t have to anymore. Below I have listed 10 healthy dessert ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your diet. 10 must-try healthy desserts  Many people say that...
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Top healthy carbohydrate foods you should add to your diet
As we all know, carbs often get a bad reputation, but there are many good carbs that will be essential to help improve your body function. These will be the carbs with a low glycemic effect on your body. That...
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Top foods to eat for good gut health
Good gut health is key to a healthy life. The gut can be a good indicator of how overall health is going. It can reveal if the body has any digestive issues or food sensitivities. You can't think about gut...
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5 Healthy Coffee Drinks to Make at Home
Coffee shops get expensive. Making coffee at home is much cheaper, a lot of fun, and healthier! Here are 5 healthy coffee drinks to make at home.
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Fun Recipes & Fun Facts to Celebrate National Avocado Day
National Avocado Day is on July 31. To celebrate, we’re here to share some avocado fun facts and fun recipes!
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Healthy Cinco de Mayo Food & Drink Ideas
Looking to celebrate at home? Make your holiday extra special with these healthy Cinco de Mayo food and drink recipe ideas.
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Delicious Chicken Recipe that Requires Trust
This is a very interesting chicken recipe in that it doesn’t specify quantities for any of the ingredients. This is where the trust comes in. YOU decide for yourself how much of each ingredient you FEEL is the correct amount!
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Three Healing Elixirs to Nurture Body and Soul in Winter

Winter is upon us. Here are three healing elixirs that will help calm a sore throat, balance your belly, and make you smile.

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Best Tahini Dressing EVER!
Whether you love tahini, or are on the fence about it, this amazing recipe for Tahini Dressing will become a fast favorite. Slather it on a wedge of iceberg lettuce, or serve it as a party crudité dip. A friend snacks on it with a little rice mixed in!
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For the Love of Turmeric: 3 Ways to Use this Multifaceted Spice
Turmeric is a spice abundantly used in Indian cuisine, but the health benefits abound when used outside of your favorite curry dish, too.
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Dairy Alternatives
The popularity of dairy alternatives has spiked exponentially over the last decade, so here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of our favorite plant based stand ins.
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Your Two Day Food Plan to Build Healthy Happy Energy
Here are two days of good wholesome eating that should help get you back on track. If possible, try to use organic and local foods as they tend to taste better going in and feel better as your body uses them to fuel your day.
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A Foodie’s Guide to Washington, DC
There are plenty of great places to eat in Washington, D.C. We narrow it down to 5!
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Is Dairy a Good Source of Calcium?
For years dairy has been touted as the best source of calcium. But it turns out, that while ice-cream, cheese, and milk can bring you important doses of joy , dairy is best enjoyed as a treat , not as a source of calcium.