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Why Harem Pants are a Pregnancy Necessity | Buddha Pants®

Many soon-to-be moms buy new clothing for their pregnancies, just to never wear them again (or only wear them for future pregnancies). A changing body doesn’t have to equate to a new and changing wardrobe. If you’re looking to stay stylish and comfortable during your pregnancy, then harem pants will do just the trick. The best part is that you can continue wearing these pants after the pregnancy and don’t have to give them away! It would be a shame to part with the pregnancy pants you fell in love with, so luckily you won’t have to.

At Buddha Pants, our pants are drawstring and elastic, so they are easily adjustable. These pants won’t make you feel restricted - they’re breathable and lightweight. One of our favorite things about harem pants is that they’re great for any occasion. Wear them to lounge around the house, dress them up with a nice top and wear them out with friends, wear them to a gentle yoga class, or really, wear them anywhere!

Harem Pants truly are a pregnancy necessity in order to stay comfortable, stylish, and still be able to wear them after your pregnancy is over. As a pregnant mama, we also recommend learning more about pre-natal yoga as well as the different types of yoga and their benefits to find out how yoga can help you during your pregnancy and birth.

If you thought it couldn’t get any better…
Once your kid is born, style them in their own matching harem pants! We have plenty of patterns that come in baby and kids sizes so you can match your mini-me.