Here’s WHY you should choose Organic Cotton

organic cotton
Many people are becoming increasingly conscious of every day consumer choices and ways of living.
More specifically, shifting into a less toxic lifestyle by voting with your dollar isn’t just an “on-trend” way of living, it’s a forever shift that's here to stay. Contribute to environmental advocacy and non-toxic living by wearing organic cotton.

Here’s why you should consider organic cotton clothing as a staple in your wardrobe:

100% pure organic cotton is hypoallergenic.
Organic cotton clothing is best for sensitive skin, children and those with allergies. Organic cotton is one of the most skin-friendly natural fabric options available.

Lasts longer and is way softer.
Organic cotton clothing looks better and last longer! Cotton’s high tensile strength makes it strong, durable and less likely to rip or tear.  Interesting fact: Cotton is  known to be about 30 percent stronger when wet, therefore withstanding many washings in hot water.

Less environmental impact in the production of organic cotton.
Our buying decisions can make real change happen! Organic farmers use natural methods to grow cotton, in contrary to fossil-fuel-based fertilizers.  Production of organic cotton fabric also uses significantly less energy, releases fewer greenhouse gases and uses less water.  Not to mention organic farming isn’t poisoning our water supply and soil the way conventional faming does.

Breathable for your skin.
Cotton’s absorbent properties wick moisture away from your body and allow air to circulate through the weave of the fabric. This creates a natural system allowing heat to escape from your body quickly.
If you want to stay cool and dry in the heat, cotton will keep you comfortable. This all-natural breathable fabric also avoids trapping moisture which leads to bacteria causing oder.

Many textiles are contaminated with toxic chemicals from an array of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides used in the farming process. Organic cotton on the other hand does not require these chemicals.  Wearing organic cotton brings comfort in knowing no chemicals are being absorbed by your skin.

Small steps toward shopping consciously add up, and the more that embody this practice, a new way of living and being will become the norm.

Have you tried organic cotton?

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