fashionmonochrome, how to style

Style-Hacks & How-Tos With Monochrome

Monochrome styling consistently renews itself into statement looks time and time again — and it’s easy to see why. Here are 10 reasons why monochromatic styling will be your new favourite style-hack.

fashionGIFT GUIDE:  Buddha Pants Edition

GIFT GUIDE: Buddha Pants Edition

A guide to making this gift giving season easy & effortless!

fashionHow to Style a Bandana in Your Hair

How to Style a Bandana in Your Hair

Bandanas are a great stylish statement piece and very simple to work into many outfits.  Let's explore the bandana as a fashionable yet functional piece to style your hair with! 

fashionHow to Style a Bandana Around Your Neck

How to Style a Bandana Around Your Neck

You can wear bandanas many ways & they are an inexpensive multifunctional piece! Let’s explore how to style a bandana around your neck...

fashionVintage Fashion That's Making a Comeback This Summer

Vintage Fashion That's Making a Comeback This Summer

Vintage fashion is always popular but seems to have a particular moment.  Many of the vintage styles that were popular in previous decades are making a comeback this summer.  Suppose you're lookin...

buddhapantssummer outfits, harem pants, cotton clothing

Why Buddha Pants will be Your Favorite Outfit this Summer

Buddha Pants are a summer time favorite for effortless and versatile style.Here are five reasons why Buddha Pants will quickly become your favorite summer outfit-of-the-day (#ootd).

fashionSummer fashion trends: how to wear prints

Summer fashion trends: how to wear prints

Summer is the perfect time to break out of your fashion comfort zone and experiment with new styles.  This season is about having fun with your clothes and experimenting with different trends.  W...

fashionorganic cotton

Here’s WHY you should choose Organic Cotton

Shifting into a less toxic lifestyle by voting with your dollar isn’t just an “on-trend” way of living, it’s a forever shift thats here to stay. Contribute to environmental advocacy and non-toxic ...

fashionearth day, buddha pants, sustainability

Earth Day, Every Day — Buddha Pants + Sustainability

Buddha Pants products take a conscious effort toward sustainability every single day - and not just on Earth Day. So in case you’re wondering — here’s how you are supporting a more sustainable futu...

buddhapantsSpring Style Guide

Spring Style Guide

Hop into spring this year with florals, pastel colors, and fun prints! Spring has sprung and we are ready for more colorful clothing and warmer weather. Are you looking for the best style this spri...

fashion10 Reasons why women love leggings

10 Reasons why women love leggings

Leggings are a popular option for both day and nighttime wear as they are comfortable and versatile. Some people think that leggings are not appropriate to wear because they are too tight. But this...

fashionThe Best Fall Style Guide

The Best Fall Style Guide

Fall style is one of our favorites! It’s a time to start getting cozy, to wind down from summer craziness, and to get in the holiday spirit.

fashion5 occasions that are perfect for harem pants | Buddha Pants®

5 Occasions That Are Perfect for Harem Pants

Whether you’re headed to the beach, packing for a music festival, or just getting ready for a fun night out, harem pants can serve as the fashionable, lightweight item you need to look good without...

fashionWhy Harem Pants are a Pregnancy Necessity | Buddha Pants®

Why Harem Pants are a Pregnancy Necessity

Harem Pants are a pregnancy necessity in order to stay comfortable, stylish, and still be able to wear them after your pregnancy is over.

fashion3 Reasons why Buddha Pants should be a staple in your closet | Buddha Pants®

3 Reasons Why Buddha Pants Should be a Staple in Your Closet

I sing the praises of a predominantly filled Buddha Pants closet! Way before I started blogging for Buddha Pants I was a raving fan! I just went to my closet to count and I have 7 Buddha Jumpers an...

fashionWhy the shift from tight to baggy yoga pants? | Buddha Pants®

Why the Shift from Tight to Baggy Yoga Pants?

Have you looked around in yoga class lately, only to discover that baggy yoga pants have replaced tight spandex? What happened?

fashionWearing Baggy Pants to yoga class is in! | Buddha Pants®

Wearing Baggy Pants to Yoga Class is in!

Many people are adopting looser fitting yoga pants these days. Many yoga pants are made from synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, and spandex that can stretch and wick away moisture, all of whic...

fashionBuddha Pants — The Yoga Harem Pants For Baby Boomers (and Their Parents!) | Buddha Pants®

Buddha Pants — The Yoga Harem Pants For Baby Boomers (and Their Parents!)

Buddha Pants also know as harem pants, are the most comfortable yoga pants on the planet. But did you know they’re fast becoming the go-to pants for Baby Boomers and beyond?

fashionEco-Chic (and Charitable!) On The Beach | Buddha Pants®

Eco-Chic (and Charitable!) On The Beach

These beach essentials will have you looking good—while doing good—this summer.

fashionMust-haves for your summer music festival journey | Buddha Pants®

Must-Haves for Your Summer Music Festival Journey

As summer begins, so does festival season, here is a list of must-haves for your summer travels.... 

fashionBuddha Gift Guide! | Buddha Pants®

Buddha Gift Guide!

A gift guide for yogi mamas, curious thinkers, and outdoor adventurers.


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