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How To Eat For The Seasons

Did you know that seasonal eating is extremely important for your health? Eating foods according to the seasons helps with sleep, digestion, mood, and overall health. By eating seasonly, you are also helping support local farmers!

1.) Visit your local farmers market. Local farmers markets will typically always have foods that are in alignment with the time of year, since they are grown fresh. For the end of summer, fall seasons choose to purchase hard skinned winter squashes, root vegetables, onions, and potatoes. Eating grounding, warming foods through this time of year will help you stay warmer, and mentally balanced as you are eating foods that are closer in sync with the frequency of the earth. Critical for colder months. 

2.) In the summer months, it makes sense that you crave something cooling and refreshing because your body is asking for deep hydration that can only come from certain foods! Choosing foods such as melons, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, stone fruits, and herbs! In the hot seasons, choosing to eat crisp, cooling foods with help balance your body temperature, and work to keep you hydrated!

3.) Spring time rings in what is known as the "cool season" crops. These crops begin to germinate in colder soil, and can tolerate colder temperatures. Examples include asparagus, radishes, spinach, rhubarb, scallions and chives, wild leeks or spring onions, and garlic scapes.

Many fruits and vegetables are at their nutritional peak when they are picked right at harvest. So not only will you be supporting local farmers, but you will be healing your body, and even saving money!